Spirituality to me means maybe having a free spirit and having the act of kindness. From Jon Bartlett the lesson I learned that sometimes people are spiritual not religious, both and/or the opposite and sometimes neither. I also learned no matter what you believe in there is always a place for you. When Jon was talking I learned even if we don’t have a specific religion or we aren’t spiritual, when we think about our purpose or value in life we draw out our spiritual belief. I personally don’t have a specific religion because it can become so controversial. I believe in something of a higher being but not necessarily a certain religion in my opinion is 100% correct. I like to have avoid people who are extremely religious or spiritual due to the close mindedness. I love unbiased opinions, and more than one view to the situation. Spirituality is such a hard topic to discuss because I never have felt the need to express myself that way but in some ways I feel like I have without knowing I have. Defining it made it even harder to realize I have every single day of my life, “it is a sense of who we are and where we come from.”



Diversity is something that brings out culture, and having a different variety of people. I have definitely judged a book by its cover. Judging is never the right thing to do, I’m not sure I judge in college as much as I did when I went through middle school and high school. At this point in my life not much has an influence on my personal opinion, maybe in the sense of technology I have an influence. If the new technology is more advanced, shiny or can come in different colors I will most likely want it. In order to engage with diversity I would definitely want to study abroad and experience it first hand, I’m more hands on. I could see my self-participating in the awareness of diversity, I feel as if everyone should have that experience to be involved with something different, out of the box. Going back to judging a book by its cover, sometimes it comes in handy. You realize how to not dress or at or how to dress and maybe even act in a professional situation. Diversity is everywhere whether in a small or large are, in today’s society it will always be around, and it contributes. 

Team Work

I like to think I’m just kind of in the back and not in charge, Ill pretty much do anything you ask me to and in a group if necessary. If I had a specific role it would be to make sure people are doing what they need to on time. Something I love about team work is not having all one assignment to one person but is separated and divided among other team members. I absolutely hate having to pick up other peoples slack, or not getting along with a group member, but that hasn’t happened since middle school. Benefits would be getting to know other people better, also to get the experience of working because it will always be in your life to work and collaborate with one another. Challenges would be still picking up slack you should never have to much conflict with another group member, we are adults and should handle it as such. My lesson learned was do your work ahead of time not the day it is due just in case you have corrections.