Process Paper

Julia Cerda     

October 23, 2013

UGST 1000

Process Paper

A)    One Interview I thoroughly enjoyed was Logan’s Interview with Robin Gansel. Robin’s journey was unique, she began at A&M and throughout the interview let us know up front you can’t necessarily have a family until you grow up or you can sometimes miss out on your younger years. At college she discovered the internet and began slacking but then switched her major to IT, something she liked, being on the computer. After she got out of college she went into the IT business at American Airlines and at the time of 9/11 she lost her job. After losing her job her and her husband moved to DC that is when she discovered photography. She stayed in due to a sniper in DC shooting random citizens. When she began to take pictures of her son she loved it and went back to school and got certified and went through many stages to find the current studio she has currently but hates competition with amateur photographers.

B)    A lot of her impacts had to do with what was going on in the society at the time and what became relevant to her. I think her values were correct, she put her kids first and sometimes her job got in the way of that and whatever was left over went to her husband but she said sometimes she feels bad to give what is left of her energy towards her husband, but loves what she does.

C)    I seemed to learn it gets easier but sometimes you come to a wall and must break it down t move on with the future. It shouldn’t matter what we do or what we become just work hard at everything you do and don’t give in more and accept less.

D)    I think the only theme I seemed to notice was the advice, which was do something you and are passionate about and just because you have a bachelors in a certain field doesn’t mean you have to pursue that the rest of your life.

E)     I guess the thing that struck me the most was how informal some interviews were compared to others or how laid back most were. Other than that nothing took me by surprise.

F)     I think I will apply it to really thinking about in a different way instead of having my major impact my whole life, also come up with things I love or am interested in, in different areas of a major.


Willis Library & Career Center

One thing I learned from the library was that Lillian the librarian was trying to gather all the UGST students at the end of the semester and have a small get together in the forum. The career center was overwhelming with information. I learned you can make an appointment for a mock interview, where to find internship availability and I have the option the opportunity to take My Plan Assessment. I know will be very important to me, and to use the eagle mentor network. Otherwise I don’t have much to add to information or other things I didn’t already know.


My strong interest inventory theme code was SA or social and artistic, I assumed that was the kind of person I was anyways, it wasn’t much of a shock. The scale says my interests include people, teamwork, helping, and community service which I all love and have a passion for it also says I have interests with self-expression, art appreciation, communication and culture, culture as at the top of my list any day. One profession that interested me was human resources specialist, some of the work values include relationship , support and independence. I also love how it requires integrity and concern for others which is key for my day to day life. I agree with my work style, I prefer working with others I guess I like others ideas and different approaches to the same situation. I don’t so much agree with the learning environment, I have a mixture, I like working toward short term goals because I feel more accomplished and willing to do other things I had planned but I am also willing to spend many years in school and it inspires me to know you learn something new everyday. Leadership style is somewhat correct towards my personal scale, I am not sure I am willing to take charge but will if it is only necessary but I love motivating people in any situation. Risk taking I most likely dislike risk taking , but like original ideas and most of the time like to play it safe unless it was necessary not take a risk. Making careful decisions comes natural to me, I usually will slow someone down if I disagree with that answer and it is crucial unless it is minor a quick and swift decision is definitely okay. I love working with a team and collaborating on team goals, and solving problems with others. One of the career fields the MBTI and Strong gave me was a clinical psychologist, which has most my interests to work with people and consult with team members to come to a conclusion and work at a desk some times, but it gives me something everyday and the salary is decent. It also gave me a counseling psychologist which is basically the same things as a clinical psychologist. I think the least likely job I would pursue would be a bartender. I think this was an occupation to explore because I has to do with working with other and having to be calm I high stress level work environment. Is this a cooperative environment that is open to new ideas focusing on people’s best interests?  I think yes this is an environment where I can work on new ideas with people’s best interest, which is exactly what I want to do when I find the career I want to pursue.

Personal Time Survey

My time management doesn’t look tasty? the number of hours I sleep each night has slowly become less and less. The more I’m stressed or sad, or even just being to excited makes me not sleep as much. I think I sleep about 35 hours a week. Grooming hours aren’t that many I shower brush my teeth and my hair and walking out the door, I never try very hard on how I look for the day I spend about 10 and a half hours on grooming. I always forget to eat so I spend about 14 hours about every week. If I ever travel it is to the store, so maximum I spend about 30 minutes traveling every week. chores and errands I spend 10 and a half hours a week. I love to rearrange things in my room. I don’t usually spend time for regularly scheduled functions for the week.  the number of hours I but in for work each week would be about an hour. I completely love my job, who gets to work for themselves and make new friends. Number of hours for class per week would be 15 hours. hours per week I socialize would be 14 hours, I love hanging with friends and talking on the phone. 67.5 hours is the time I have to myself which I usually time doing homework. Most of my time goes to school and I spend the least amount on myself, what is balanced is homework and time socializing. I spend most of my time relaxing in my room and I could completely modify it if I wanted to, I want to improve on making a daily list, just to keep myself busy at all times. to hold myself accountable I honestly do not know how I will do it I kind of just will for the sake of better grades and assignments turned in on time. I guess I will keep my daily list going to complete my long term goal of graduating and applying to grad school eventually.

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I didn’t guess my MBTI correctly but I got halfway there, I thought I was an I S F P but really am E N F P. My results are correct I am more of an outgoing person and rather know what is going on around me then what is going on with me, this would be the extraversion of me. The intuition part would be I like to think big and accomplish my set goals and think on the possibilities I have in the future because of what I am doing now. I more of  feeler because I definitely et my heart control my mind and decisions and positions I put myself in. Perceiver couldn’t describe me more, I love going with the flow and doing things randomly, but never the same each time.  The report I received was correct in my opinion but really I think I could be the opposite one day based on how I sleep or what has happened to me the previous day. I don’t think my MBTI will affect my career exploration at all, why should it, I should pursue something I love and explore all my options. I found business and finance on the one I selected from “Job Families” I researched human resources and was really interesting and similar things I had in mind for a career. Most popular and least popular are neither accurate, none of the options go with something that really catches my eye or interests me.

Red Rubber Ball

A profession I would like to get to know more about would be what you could do with a journalism major or pre-law, or just to help people in a small community or one lacking resources. Things that inspire me are how other nations function and different cultures and religion. I loved how when I went to Italy I was amazed how inspired they were by our language and how we dressed or even how we talked to one another. Another thing that inspires me is my family and how they persuade me to pick something I love but I will always be able to reach to infinity and beyond. My passion is to help other people as I help myself, the better I feel my community, family and life function well, the better my life is becoming. I have a passion for exploration and new ideas, I love to be around and about and never in one safe spot, I am willing to go beyond my comfort zone to achieve more. I have an interest in life and the way we function like a psychologist but my mind tells me lawyer because what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong and I will persuade for the better. I value honesty and trust, Some organization and mostly an adventure is the way I want to spend my weekends but sometimes everyone needs a break and home is the best place for me at times. I like to accomplish my goals and spend my time wisely with loved ones. You never know if you will be here tomorrow, so I whatever I decide to do I want to do it to help others others and myself.