#ugstSTORY Last Blog Post.

From UGST 1000 I have learned so much and shared with others. The number one thing I will take away from this past semester is learning how to reach for your goals. The learning techniques I have learned this year were phenomenal, goggle scholar is something I can use throughout my undergraduate years and maybe even a professional job, who knows? Lessons I learned this semester were to definitely never procrastinate again on anything or even a final project, or for any project. Another thing I learned this semester was that many people around campus struggle with the same things you do, it is okay to have support from other areas. I think I’ve grown to become more independent of my family and all I need is there support. Also I’ve grown to realize there are many things out there in the world I just have to open my eyes and see it. I definitely have a major in mind, Journalism but more on the advertising and public relations side. I have not yet set my mind on one career, but I know it is just around the corner. I think my next step is to declare my major and be proud of it. I am so glad I had UGST to guide me around my first semester at UNT.


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