Spirituality to me means maybe having a free spirit and having the act of kindness. From Jon Bartlett the lesson I learned that sometimes people are spiritual not religious, both and/or the opposite and sometimes neither. I also learned no matter what you believe in there is always a place for you. When Jon was talking I learned even if we don’t have a specific religion or we aren’t spiritual, when we think about our purpose or value in life we draw out our spiritual belief. I personally don’t have a specific religion because it can become so controversial. I believe in something of a higher being but not necessarily a certain religion in my opinion is 100% correct. I like to have avoid people who are extremely religious or spiritual due to the close mindedness. I love unbiased opinions, and more than one view to the situation. Spirituality is such a hard topic to discuss because I never have felt the need to express myself that way but in some ways I feel like I have without knowing I have. Defining it made it even harder to realize I have every single day of my life, “it is a sense of who we are and where we come from.”


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