Diversity is something that brings out culture, and having a different variety of people. I have definitely judged a book by its cover. Judging is never the right thing to do, I’m not sure I judge in college as much as I did when I went through middle school and high school. At this point in my life not much has an influence on my personal opinion, maybe in the sense of technology I have an influence. If the new technology is more advanced, shiny or can come in different colors I will most likely want it. In order to engage with diversity I would definitely want to study abroad and experience it first hand, I’m more hands on. I could see my self-participating in the awareness of diversity, I feel as if everyone should have that experience to be involved with something different, out of the box. Going back to judging a book by its cover, sometimes it comes in handy. You realize how to not dress or at or how to dress and maybe even act in a professional situation. Diversity is everywhere whether in a small or large are, in today’s society it will always be around, and it contributes. 


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