Team Work

I like to think I’m just kind of in the back and not in charge, Ill pretty much do anything you ask me to and in a group if necessary. If I had a specific role it would be to make sure people are doing what they need to on time. Something I love about team work is not having all one assignment to one person but is separated and divided among other team members. I absolutely hate having to pick up other peoples slack, or not getting along with a group member, but that hasn’t happened since middle school. Benefits would be getting to know other people better, also to get the experience of working because it will always be in your life to work and collaborate with one another. Challenges would be still picking up slack you should never have to much conflict with another group member, we are adults and should handle it as such. My lesson learned was do your work ahead of time not the day it is due just in case you have corrections.


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