Process Paper

Julia Cerda     

October 23, 2013

UGST 1000

Process Paper

A)    One Interview I thoroughly enjoyed was Logan’s Interview with Robin Gansel. Robin’s journey was unique, she began at A&M and throughout the interview let us know up front you can’t necessarily have a family until you grow up or you can sometimes miss out on your younger years. At college she discovered the internet and began slacking but then switched her major to IT, something she liked, being on the computer. After she got out of college she went into the IT business at American Airlines and at the time of 9/11 she lost her job. After losing her job her and her husband moved to DC that is when she discovered photography. She stayed in due to a sniper in DC shooting random citizens. When she began to take pictures of her son she loved it and went back to school and got certified and went through many stages to find the current studio she has currently but hates competition with amateur photographers.

B)    A lot of her impacts had to do with what was going on in the society at the time and what became relevant to her. I think her values were correct, she put her kids first and sometimes her job got in the way of that and whatever was left over went to her husband but she said sometimes she feels bad to give what is left of her energy towards her husband, but loves what she does.

C)    I seemed to learn it gets easier but sometimes you come to a wall and must break it down t move on with the future. It shouldn’t matter what we do or what we become just work hard at everything you do and don’t give in more and accept less.

D)    I think the only theme I seemed to notice was the advice, which was do something you and are passionate about and just because you have a bachelors in a certain field doesn’t mean you have to pursue that the rest of your life.

E)     I guess the thing that struck me the most was how informal some interviews were compared to others or how laid back most were. Other than that nothing took me by surprise.

F)     I think I will apply it to really thinking about in a different way instead of having my major impact my whole life, also come up with things I love or am interested in, in different areas of a major.


One thought on “Process Paper

  1. The “C” and “E” sections really applied to what happened in the interviews my group conducted. The “C” for the fact that some peoples jobs came to them rather easily, where as others workd for them and struggled for weeks not knowing when they would get a job. E also because the people we interviewed were all rather laid back and we were a bit confused as to why they were so laid back and relaxed.

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