My strong interest inventory theme code was SA or social and artistic, I assumed that was the kind of person I was anyways, it wasn’t much of a shock. The scale says my interests include people, teamwork, helping, and community service which I all love and have a passion for it also says I have interests with self-expression, art appreciation, communication and culture, culture as at the top of my list any day. One profession that interested me was human resources specialist, some of the work values include relationship , support and independence. I also love how it requires integrity and concern for others which is key for my day to day life. I agree with my work style, I prefer working with others I guess I like others ideas and different approaches to the same situation. I don’t so much agree with the learning environment, I have a mixture, I like working toward short term goals because I feel more accomplished and willing to do other things I had planned but I am also willing to spend many years in school and it inspires me to know you learn something new everyday. Leadership style is somewhat correct towards my personal scale, I am not sure I am willing to take charge but will if it is only necessary but I love motivating people in any situation. Risk taking I most likely dislike risk taking , but like original ideas and most of the time like to play it safe unless it was necessary not take a risk. Making careful decisions comes natural to me, I usually will slow someone down if I disagree with that answer and it is crucial unless it is minor a quick and swift decision is definitely okay. I love working with a team and collaborating on team goals, and solving problems with others. One of the career fields the MBTI and Strong gave me was a clinical psychologist, which has most my interests to work with people and consult with team members to come to a conclusion and work at a desk some times, but it gives me something everyday and the salary is decent. It also gave me a counseling psychologist which is basically the same things as a clinical psychologist. I think the least likely job I would pursue would be a bartender. I think this was an occupation to explore because I has to do with working with other and having to be calm I high stress level work environment. Is this a cooperative environment that is open to new ideas focusing on people’s best interests?  I think yes this is an environment where I can work on new ideas with people’s best interest, which is exactly what I want to do when I find the career I want to pursue.


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