Personal Time Survey

My time management doesn’t look tasty? the number of hours I sleep each night has slowly become less and less. The more I’m stressed or sad, or even just being to excited makes me not sleep as much. I think I sleep about 35 hours a week. Grooming hours aren’t that many I shower brush my teeth and my hair and walking out the door, I never try very hard on how I look for the day I spend about 10 and a half hours on grooming. I always forget to eat so I spend about 14 hours about every week. If I ever travel it is to the store, so maximum I spend about 30 minutes traveling every week. chores and errands I spend 10 and a half hours a week. I love to rearrange things in my room. I don’t usually spend time for regularly scheduled functions for the week.  the number of hours I but in for work each week would be about an hour. I completely love my job, who gets to work for themselves and make new friends. Number of hours for class per week would be 15 hours. hours per week I socialize would be 14 hours, I love hanging with friends and talking on the phone. 67.5 hours is the time I have to myself which I usually time doing homework. Most of my time goes to school and I spend the least amount on myself, what is balanced is homework and time socializing. I spend most of my time relaxing in my room and I could completely modify it if I wanted to, I want to improve on making a daily list, just to keep myself busy at all times. to hold myself accountable I honestly do not know how I will do it I kind of just will for the sake of better grades and assignments turned in on time. I guess I will keep my daily list going to complete my long term goal of graduating and applying to grad school eventually.

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One thought on “Personal Time Survey

  1. Thanks for sharing where your time goes, Julia! Do you have a picture or infographic to represent your time? I don’t see it posted on here — please update this ASAP. Thanks!

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