I didn’t guess my MBTI correctly but I got halfway there, I thought I was an I S F P but really am E N F P. My results are correct I am more of an outgoing person and rather know what is going on around me then what is going on with me, this would be the extraversion of me. The intuition part would be I like to think big and accomplish my set goals and think on the possibilities I have in the future because of what I am doing now. I more of  feeler because I definitely et my heart control my mind and decisions and positions I put myself in. Perceiver couldn’t describe me more, I love going with the flow and doing things randomly, but never the same each time.  The report I received was correct in my opinion but really I think I could be the opposite one day based on how I sleep or what has happened to me the previous day. I don’t think my MBTI will affect my career exploration at all, why should it, I should pursue something I love and explore all my options. I found business and finance on the one I selected from “Job Families” I researched human resources and was really interesting and similar things I had in mind for a career. Most popular and least popular are neither accurate, none of the options go with something that really catches my eye or interests me.


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