Red Rubber Ball

A profession I would like to get to know more about would be what you could do with a journalism major or pre-law, or just to help people in a small community or one lacking resources. Things that inspire me are how other nations function and different cultures and religion. I loved how when I went to Italy I was amazed how inspired they were by our language and how we dressed or even how we talked to one another. Another thing that inspires me is my family and how they persuade me to pick something I love but I will always be able to reach to infinity and beyond. My passion is to help other people as I help myself, the better I feel my community, family and life function well, the better my life is becoming. I have a passion for exploration and new ideas, I love to be around and about and never in one safe spot, I am willing to go beyond my comfort zone to achieve more. I have an interest in life and the way we function like a psychologist but my mind tells me lawyer because what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong and I will persuade for the better. I value honesty and trust, Some organization and mostly an adventure is the way I want to spend my weekends but sometimes everyone needs a break and home is the best place for me at times. I like to accomplish my goals and spend my time wisely with loved ones. You never know if you will be here tomorrow, so I whatever I decide to do I want to do it to help others others and myself.


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