Bucket List

1: Travel to 3rd world countries: I will develop the knowledge to know what it is like to live with minimum resources and be able to help those in needs and be more informed with what is happening in these third world countries. I want to learn how societies function and how I can make the world a better place.

2: Internship abroad: I’ve had the opportunity my last two years in high school to go to Europe and explore their culture and living styles, how modern it is and meet the victims of world war two. I have been to Germany, Poland, Czech, and Italy. It would be amazing to experience life and education in a different country. I want to do this when I am young and energetic, and have this amazing experience to be spontaneous.

3: Find what I love about life and pursue it as my major:  I know if I don’t completely love my major I won’t be successful in college, I want to do something I am happy with and will want to be proud of the rest of my life

4: Run a marathon: I want to be able to at least train and run a marathon and by the time I graduate accomplish the Iron Man. This is on my bucket list because it felt amazing completing a 10K so how great would it be to accomplish 26.1 miles.

5: Earn my undergraduate degree: I want to pursue my dream and making a living for myself. I want to learn from the wise and the weak, no one is perfect.

6: Take care of my family: I want to especially my great grandparents. I have lost so many and hope they live to see me get married way, way, way in the future.

7: Go to a super bowl game: I just think it would be awesome to experience this in person, but I love the commercials.

8: Learn to appreciate life: The more I think every day is a blessing but I don’t think I have learned to appreciate everything I have and everything that was given to me.

9: Meet someone famous: I was going for politician but you know just to know how it feels to be an amazing person, who inspires others.

10: Become someone inspiring: Who wouldn’t want to inspire others. Not much else to say about that.


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