Hey guys, I am Julia. I absolutely think i am going to love my UGST class. There is nothing I love more than family, God and sports. As a freshman in college I didn’t find it hard to transition, since i already have dual credit, and began community college as a junior in high school. I lived in the Austin area my whole life and back in forth from Cedar Park, Texas and Pflugerville, Texas. When I was younger I totally thought I would become an Astronaut, but as I got older I wanted so many other things. Growing up with minimum amount of friends, I grew up with my parents friends and bosses, which transitioned me into high standards such as Harvard and becoming a lawyer and business major. As middle school came into the picture so did the reality of my parents divorcing. Growing up as the oldest, supposedly means everything becomes your fault and your problem. The pressure of having a parent as a friend became surreal, I needed guidance and loving all of my grandparents, hey were always there when needed. As a child my great grandparents watched me, they were my mom and dad. as a freshman going into high school my great grandpa died, it was one of the hardest things i went through, he was just like my dad, I was nothing but honored to have such an amazing man in my life. As a freshman in college the week i moved in and did first flight week my other great grandpa passed away, he only waned the best for me and for me to be happy and succeed in life. I am glad to begin college and have this class to help me pursue my interests in life and be happy with my major, whatever that will be.


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